What Would Editorial Recommendations Look Like At Ebay?

An editorial recommendation is a valuable piece of information to help consumers know exactly what they are buying. With the vast number of resources available today, consumers are more likely to shop around and find as much information as they can about a particular product before purchasing it. So if they are unable to find what they are looking for, including any online reviews, they will be less likely to purchase it. There are thousands of products available on Ebay, and an editorial recommendation about a product can set it apart from other similar products.

Editorial recommendations help consumers make informed and unbiased purchasing decisions based on facts. As an Ebay seller, you can take your business to the next level by simply having an editorial recommendation about a product you sell. However, it’s not as simple as writing a blurb about your product and expecting sales to increase exponentially. We’ve taken a closer look at what an editorial recommendation would look like at Ebay.

Ebay Has Evolved From Simply Being An Auction Site

Some people still have the misconception that Ebay is strictly an online auction website. While Ebay began as a place where people could sell unwanted items in an auction-style format, now the vast majority of its gross merchandise value (GMV) is sold at a fixed price. Everything from gently used items to brand new products and even one-of-a-kind items exist on Ebay, so consumers can find a mix of almost everything they’re looking for. Amazon sellers even sell on Ebay occasionally to broaden their reach to consumers who prefer one platform over the other. Ebay tends to get overshadowed by Amazon today from a consumer perspective, but it is still possible to have success selling on Ebay.

Deciding What To Sell On Ebay

Ebay has a wide range of items on its platform, which can make it difficult for a seller to know what products to advertise on it. A curation of items to help customers find the best selling product is helpful. Also, mentioning the best products in a particular category will help them make a purchasing decision. Selling on Ebay comes down to making buying decisions easier for consumers, and an editorial recommendation is one way to do it. Ebay has an affiliate program in place already and could easily expand into onsite publishing. Editorial recommendations would likely be much more effective if they are used for more established items and brands, rather than one-off items that may not have a deep inventory.

Direct Editorial Recommendations To Focus On Experiences

When focusing on editorial recommendations for your products on Ebay, it’s important to focus on the experiences consumers can have by purchasing a particular product. Talk some about the actual category of the product rather than the product itself. For example, talk about why a consumer should purchase the same pair of shoes from one seller rather than the other. Some of the reasons could be responsiveness, other selections, better pricing, and overall better service from start to finish. Many people today want to have a great shopping experience and get a great product in return. However, not many people sell their experience to consumers, so it could be interesting customization for the Ebay ecosystem.

Always Keep The Customer In Mind

Regardless of how any editorial recommendation is presented, it always has to be customer-centric. We live in a world today where immediacy and convenience are required rather than being a luxury. If a customer can’t find exactly what they are looking for about a product, they will continue looking elsewhere until they do. This is where understanding your customer base is of critical importance. What do your customers want to know about the particular product you sell?

Customers want to feel a connection with a product or seller when shopping on a platform like Ebay. If they have a great experience with a seller of a particular product, then they may start shopping next time with the same seller rather than beginning a new search from the beginning. This is why it’s so critical to make a great impression on every customer since you never know if they will be a repeat customer. When everything you do, from the design of a product to delivering it timely and everything in between, is focused on the customer, you’ll increase your chances of developing a solid customer base.

A good point to remember is to focus an editorial recommendation on what problem your product solves for consumers. This gives the consumer something to relate to if they have a similar problem, so they can make a personal connection with it. Depending on the product, there may be dozens or even hundreds of similar products on Ebay, so tailoring your editorial recommendation to solving a customer’s needs rather than solely focusing on the features of a product can make yours stand out. Customers care mostly about the value of the product, the speed at which they can receive it, and the service they will get from start to finish. If you can highlight these points, you’ll have a better chance of selling on Ebay.

Selling on Ebay is simple, but it’s not always easy to turn a major profit. Editorial recommendations can make your product stand out among the rest if they are used appropriately. Customers don’t want to feel like they are being sold a product. Rather, they would prefer to be presented with all the information to know about a product, including how it can solve their problems. When they have this information, they can feel more confident about making a purchasing decision and be more satisfied with the overall experience. Ebay has been around for a long time and continues to be a successful platform for many sellers. When you have the right products, prioritize great customer service, and have an ideal platform to sell on, you’ll be on your way to finding success now and in the future.

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