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As more sites begin to use Editorial Recommendations, it gives you the ability to learn how they can be used effectively and how they can best be put into practice. Among the best sites currently making use of Editorial Recommendations is Tech Gear Lab. The standout features of the Editorial Recommendations at this site are their transparency and authenticity. Here we will examine what has made Tech Gear Lab such a standout amongst those using Editorial Recommendations. We will also look at how other sites using or interested in using these articles could utilize some of these practices.

They Buy All That They Try

Tech Gear Lab was first founded as Outdoor Gear Lab in 2010. The site was founded because it understands just how difficult it is to find the right tech products, with many people being stumped as they attempt to set out and search for these types of items, coming across a range of choices but being unable to identify which are best for their specific needs. The site was founded to create the best consumer reviews possible in this market, crafting reviews oriented towards choosing products based on needs, budget, and interests.

To craft the best reviews possible, Tech Gear Lab is different from many other similar sites as they actually purchase all the items they review. On purchasing these items, the Tech Gear Lab team places them head to head so they can compare them and assess their different features. This gives them an upfront look at the products and allows them to see how the products perform alongside those designed for the same purpose. This puts them in a much better position to craft Editorial Recommendations able to speak to consumers and what they need. 

Tech Gear Lab is also in a unique position as they cover a broad range of products. As their name suggests, they cover various tech products. Tech products are hot at the moment, and people are always looking for reviews on these types of items from an authoritative source. By focusing on tech products, the site has made themselves a leading authority on these items and has built a presence in this sector. 

Another of the main types of products Tech Gear Lab covers with their Editorial Recommendations is outdoor items. This goes back to their original launch as Outdoor Gear Lab, and while it may not be their primary focus, it still shows they are maintaining their authority in this realm. Finally, Tech Gear Lab has built up a presence as an authority with baby products, especially baby products with a tech focus. 

Authentically Small

Among the notable things Tech Gear Lab does with its Editorial Recommendations is keeping the volume of reviews small. Typically, it only publishes a single review per item, with an additional seasonal or annual update to its buyers guide or perhaps a “best of” list for a category of items.

Any site interested in working with Editorial Recommendations should know hyperfocus requires attention. Because Tech Gear Lab purchases and tests all its items, it only stands to reason it would take more time to craft its Editorial Recommendations. On top of all this, its Editorial Recommendations are often longer and more in-depth than those you may find on other sites. Of course, this also means the reviews found on the site may be much more informative than the average individual may need, making these Editorial Recommendations oriented toward super-users of the products.

Amplifying Their Voice

It is likely not surprising to those who know about Editorial Recommendations to learn Tech Gear Lab became an early participant in the Amazon Associates Program. All of their reviews contain affiliate links where individuals can purchase items. Tech Gear Lab boosts attention for these reviews and gets more clicks for its links in part by sending out newsletters weekly announcing their newest reviews. However, it should be noted they could be using some methods such as Google Ads to get even more attention for their reviews. 

Lots to Learn From Tech Gear Lab

Anybody interested in the world of Editorial Recommendations and how to do them right can learn much from Tech Gear Lab. Among the more notable things is how much detailed and in-depth reviews can boost the credibility of a publisher at the sake of scale. Credibility is often key when it comes to cracking programs such as Amazon Onsite Associates. However, there are other things to take note of as well, such as how buying traffic to review sites is critical to continue getting noticed and making certain you are getting the attention for your Editorial Recommendations in the first place. This helps ensure the super-users who need to see the Editorial Recommendations are finding them. 

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