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People love tech products, so it’s perhaps no surprise Digital Trends has managed to gain such a huge following since its initial founding in 2006. Since its launch, the online magazine has focused on various tech products, giving consumers everything they need to know about the latest gear, from smartphones and computers to video game consoles, digital cameras, tablets, and much more. 

Perhaps most notable about Digital Trends is its review section, where anybody interested in learning more about tech items can go for in-depth information about virtually anything they are looking for within the world of tech. It is this focus on Editorial Recommendations from Digital Trends that helped the magazine make such an impact. Their ability to craft great Editorial Recommendations can be a great example to others of how to use Editorial Recommendations on their own sites. 

A Healthy Mix 

As of most current numbers, Digital Trends receives over 40 million visits every month. Of course, not all of the individuals coming to the site are looking for Editorial Recommendations regarding tech gear, and this is part of what has made the site so successful in its time online. Digital Trends has done a great job of providing its site visitors with a healthy mix of all types of content, giving people plenty of things to choose from when they pop in. Among the different things people can find when they head to Digital Trends in addition to Editorial Recommendations are service journalism, also known as how-tos. Readers can find best-of lists on various topics as well, and they can find plenty of reviews on numerous items from across the tech world. 

However, though there are many different types of content on the Digital Trends site, their best-of picks and reviews are still relatively easy to find for readers. They make all of this information easily accessible as well as easy to search for with dedicated sections on the site. This way, readers can find anything they are looking for without having to dig deep. This is one of the details driving the success of the site’s Editorial Recommendations program, even though it is just a small part of what Digital Trends is doing as a whole. The publishing feed on Digital Trends is a good place where individuals can find a mix of everything from the site, including the best shows individuals can find to watch on various platforms. 

Maximizing Their Footprint

Among many things to note about Digital Trends and their success is the site’s participation in the Amazon Onsite Associate’s Program. The Amazon Onsite Associates Program is perhaps the most well-known publisher of Editorial Recommendations. Because Digital Trends is working within the Amazon Onsite Associates Program, they are able to extend their reach. In addition to the clicks they get from people reading about products on their site and potentially clicking on items from the articles published there, they are also able to get potential clicks and, in turn, revenue from any clicks via the articles they are publishing by way of the Amazon Onsite Associates Program. This is yet another driver of the great success they have had over the past several years.

More To Do

Digital Trends has done quite well with their Editorial Recommendations and with their site as a whole. However, there are still many things they could do to improve. Among the most notable details is that while Digital Trends does always come up on the first page on Google’s search engine results page, they still show up at the bottom of the first page. While they will still be getting plenty of traffic from showing up on the first page, they are not getting as many clicks as possible, and more could be done to boost them toward the top of the first page, therefore, improving their web traffic. 

Additionally, it is notable that Digital Trends does not seem to be purchasing ads on Google for their articles or for their social media campaigns. This is another area where doing so would greatly benefit the site as it would improve their traffic, giving them a great amount more visibility. As a result, it would do much to boost the amount of regular offsite associates revenue the site would be receiving as a result. While Digital Trends is doing quite well with their Editorial Recommendations, there is still room for improvement. It will be interesting to see what the site is able to do in the future as they continue to grow, both as a partner within the Amazon Onsite Associates Program and on their own as they continue to publish their own Editorial Recommendations on their site. 

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