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If you’ve ever turned to the Internet for more information about a product you’re interested in, you’ve likely come across Best Reviews. This website has blown up in recent years with its Editorial Recommendations, which compare top products in thousands of categories from cordless drills to trampolines, makeup, and more. The website is owned by Tribune Publishing, which owns some of the country’s biggest titles, including the Orlando Sentinel and The Baltimore Sun, among others. 

Best Reviews is notable because it has been laser-focused on Editorial Recommendations and only these types of articles from the beginning of its launch. This has made it something of an authority for these types of articles online, making it a place that readers feel comfortable turning to whenever they want reliable and authoritative information about any products they are interested in purchasing. Truly, Best Reviews can be praised for their out of the box thinking when it comes to how they have crafted their website and their Editorial Recommendations over the years, which is why it is well worth examining what they have done to make themselves an authority and what those working in the world of Editorial Recommendations can learn from this publisher. 

What Lays at the Center of their Business Model

Those looking at Best Reviews today may wonder how the website and its parent company have achieved their success. Much of what Best Reviews has been able to accomplish goes back to how it could see the potential of driving traffic to its site through the creation of “Consumer Reports” style content. Understanding the importance of fair and unbiased reviews to readers, Best Reviews wanted to create comparisons of products for readers and place them online for individuals. 

Over time, the website worked to build up its reputation as a credible source for its readership. This helped drive an increasing number of individuals to its site and drive up its rankings online, making it one of the top resources for those seeking a place to go for Editorial Recommendations when searching for information regarding the products they are interested in purchasing, from new toolkits and makeup to children’s clothing. Because of this, the website has become an authoritative voice when it comes to Editorial Recommendations, making Best Reviews a hub online for these articles. Therefore the website receives a great volume of traffic regularly due to the number of individuals who go online seeking comparisons of various products. 

An Early Mover on Amazon Onsite Publishing

As the years have gone by, Best Reviews has continued to achieve success as it has seen the potential of other programs. This can be seen with its participation in other programs, including its early invitation and participation in the Amazon Onsite Publishing program. Amazon’s program has been going on for a few years now and has experienced a recent boom in popularity. However, Best Reviews was an early adopter, and as such, is one of the publishers that helped Amazon pilot its Editorial Recommendations program. 

Because of its work in helping Amazon with the Amazon Onsite Publishing Program and because it has continually published Editorial Recommendations over the years, Best Reviews continues to be seen across the platform. This has only continued to help Best Reviews increase its authority and credibility both on and off the site. 

One of the important things to note that has helped Best Reviews with its success in the Amazon Onsite Publishing program is that it has managed to keep its content fresh over the years. While it was an early adopter of the program, it is still putting new Editorial Recommendations on the site and keeping up with the demand for articles. This is an important aspect of what has led to Best Reviews success.

Keeping Things Diversified

While it may be working offsite with new projects such as the Amazon Onsite Publishing Program, this does not in any way mean that Best Reviews has left its own site in the dust. Best Reviews continues to maintain its site, building and innovating it with new articles. Some of the newest articles on its site include Editorial Recommendations such as its “Everything You Need For…” style articles, which have helped draw in new readers and spice up things on the site. 

It is important that Best Reviews has not relied on Amazon to draw traffic to its site. While the Editorial Recommendations on Amazon can be a good way to bring in new readers, it should be noted that Best Reviews is actively searching for new viewers and is using a variety of methods to do so. Best Reviews is actively plugged into the publishing network and uses the tools it has at its disposal to draw in potential readers.

Best Reviews Does Editorial Recommendations at Scale

In the world of Editorial Recommendations, many publishers are using these articles as a means of augmenting their income. However, Best Reviews is instead using Editorial Recommendations differently, having these articles being their main business model. Those interested in working with Editorial Recommendations can examine how Best Reviews has curated their content to get themselves involved in the market and begin participating in the space, regardless of how they intend to work with Editorial Recommendations themselves.

Doing so can be a great way for a publisher to take the many tools that Best Reviews uses for Editorial Recommendations, even if they don’t intend to go “all in” on Editorial Recommendations the same way this publisher has. Whether creating their own website to work with Editorial Recommendations or simply working as a publisher within a program such as Amazon’s Editorial Recommendations, there is much to learn from a publisher such as Best Reviews.

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