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Mashable is one of the hottest entertainment sites online, and it’s not hard to see why. The multiplatform site has a little bit of something for everyone and features some of the hottest names in entertainment, which is one of the reasons it brings in just so many visitors every day. The fact that it has gotten so popular is just one of the many reasons why it has begun to get into the game of producing editorial recommendations for its visitors, like others we have profiled. Those interested in writing editorial recommendations can learn a lot from looking at how the site creates its articles and content, especially when it comes to the way the site scales its editorial recommendations. 

Mashable – from Blogs to Media Empire

Mashable got its start in 2005 when it was founded by Pete Cashmore, who at the time lived in Aberdeen, Scotland. Originally, the site was a simple WordPress blog, and Cashmore worked on it himself. However, the site found fame quickly. The site already had millions of Twitter followers and Facebook fans in its early days. It acquired a YouTube channel, CineFix, which also helped it cement itself as a media giant online. American publisher Ziff Davis purchased it in December of 2017, and Time magazine named the site as one of the best blogs of 2009, which garnered it more attention and quickly led Mashable to gain even more popularity in the online sphere. At present, it is one of the most prominent sites online, with millions of people visiting the site daily and millions of individuals sharing its content across media platforms. This is just one of the many things that has made its decision to create editorial recommendations such a bold move for the publication. 

Mashable’s Choice

Recently, Mashable decided to create its own version of an editorial recommendation program in the form of “Mashable’s Choice.” This program is similar to Mashable’s standard product review platform. The difference is that the reviews will be coming from editorial staffers at the site and that the reviews will be labeled as such by the Mashable’s Choice logo. The Mashable’s Choice editorial recommendations can also feature several products under a single logo, giving the staffers writing about products the ability to showcase several different items at once. 

This is a savvy move by Mashable to help clarify their editorial voice. The company has long been a media giant, and now they are taking steps to showcase items as a part of their brand. The company has clarified that the items they are showcasing in their editorial recommendations are not “best of” items. Instead, they are interesting items that they want to feature to the people who visit their site. They have also suggested that some of the items may, at some point, be featured as “best of” items, though have made it clear that this will not be the case for all of the items they showcase in their editorial recommendations. In short, the company is being clear that they are distinguishing between advertorials and their own opinions on products, something that will be good for the company and their brand. 

How to Keep It Going

At present, Mashable has been spotted on the Amazon Onsite Associate’s Program, though their presence has been limited. This has led to some questions about how Mashable will keep up its editorial recommendations program going into the future. It is clear that there is plenty of room for improvement and growth, especially on Amazon, if Mashable chooses to continue in that direction. 

However, there are many other directions that Mashable can go in as well. One of the notable things about Mashable is its media presence. Mashable is known for its video outlets, and it could very easily get into the realm of offering video recommendations as a part of its editorial recommendations program. This could be an interesting way for the media giant to provide recommendations to its site visitors. It could also be a great way for Mashable to distinguish itself from the many other publishers offering editorial recommendations. It remains to be seen whether they will offer this and what direction they will go in, though this could be one way that Mashable could have great success in the future if they were to choose to offer this to their site visitors.

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