Why Publishers Should Not Administer Editorial Recommendations Programs

Editorial Recommendations can mean a lot of things for many different people. For retailers, they can be a great way to showcase a wide range of products, offering a third party perspective on these items and giving retailers the opportunity to provide insight into the items they have available without the information they’re giving seeming […]

Editorial Recommendations at Wayfair

Editorial Recommendations are becoming an increasingly important part of business in the world of eCommerce. This is why we’ve chosen to analyze how various eCommerce sites use Editorial Recommendations – or choosing not to use them as the case may be. With these articles proving to be such a successful marketing tool, and a good […]

The Lack of Editorial Recommendations at Walmart

Taking a look at the Editorial Recommendations published by different retailers can give us a good idea of what to do – and what not to do – when publishing our own articles. This is why we’ve taken the time to examine the strengths and weaknesses of some of the biggest eCommerce websites currently publishing […]

Digital Trends – All in on Editorial Recommendations

People love tech products, so it’s perhaps no surprise Digital Trends has managed to gain such a huge following since its initial founding in 2006. Since its launch, the online magazine has focused on various tech products, giving consumers everything they need to know about the latest gear, from smartphones and computers to video game […]

The Importance of Having a Wide Range and Variety of Publishers

There’s no denying the success of the Amazon Onsite Editorial Program. With this program, people can go right onto the search engine results page of Amazon, where they can easily see recommendations for the products they are looking for. Among the many benefits of this program one stands out above all else. People are able […]

What Percentage of Individuals Click to Read Full Articles?

If you shop on Amazon, you’ve likely noticed a wide variety of things can appear on the search engine results page. Organic search results are standard, but in addition to these, other things can appear, including sponsored listings and ads. Among all of these, you can even find articles called Editorial Recommendations. These are a […]

What Happens to an Editorial Recommendation When an Item is Out of Stock?

Editorial Recommendations have changed the way people find out about different products when they search for information while shopping online. Amazon has become perhaps the leading online retailer, and the Amazon Associates Program and its Editorial Recommendations have paved the way for many people to get in the game with these reviews, both onsite and […]

Editorial Recommendations at Tech Gear Lab

As more sites begin to use Editorial Recommendations, it gives you the ability to learn how they can be used effectively and how they can best be put into practice. Among the best sites currently making use of Editorial Recommendations is Tech Gear Lab. The standout features of the Editorial Recommendations at this site are […]

Editorial Recommendations at PetCo

Editorial Recommendations are being used by an increasing number of retailers on their website to help boost sales and clicks on links. It’s always a good idea to pay attention to how different eCommerce websites use Editorial Recommendations and the ways different websites could make adjustments to improve the performance of their Editorial Recommendations on […]

What Percentage of Shoppers Click on Editorial Recommendations?

If you’ve spent any time on Amazon, you’ve likely seen their Editorial Recommendations. These articles are unique among the many other pieces appearing among items on the search engine results page when you look things up on the eCommerce website, written by third-party publishers, and featuring a range of products hosted on the website. Editorial […]